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2020 Flushing Schedule


The Portsmouth Water and Fire District will be flushing water mains from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. per the following schedule:

Oct. 5
East Main Road from Pine Tree Rd. to Hargraves Dr. Middle Road from Town Hall to Mill Ln.

Mill Ln. from Middle Rd. to West Main Rd. West Main Rd. from Union St. to Hedly St. including Father Flanagan’s and John Street.

Hedly St. from East Main Rd. to West Main Rd. and all side streets, including Industrial Park

Kings Grant and all side streets.

Oct. 19
Sprague Street and side streets from Turnpike Avenue to East Main Road, Portsmouth High School,

East Main Road to Hargraves Drive from Sprague Street, including Atria and Immokolee Drive to    Fox Run Road.

Oct. 20
Sprague Street to Freeborn Street, Turnpike Avenue and side streets; West Main Road from Statue Way to Sprague Street and side streets.

Oct. 21
Willow Lane and Sprague Street, Bristol Ferry Road to Camara Drive and Mitchell Road, and side streets.

Oct. 22
Bristol Ferry Road from Cherokee Drive to Bayview Avenue, Boyds Lane to East Main Road and side streets. East Main Road from Sprague Street and Child Street to Boyds Lane and side streets, including Viking Drive area.

Oct. 27
Island Park and Hummocks Point areas.

Oct. 28
East Main Road from Child Street to Clements and side streets to Sakonnet River. Also, Common Fence Point.

Oct. 29
Common Fence Point.


Oct. 6     Middle Road from Mill Ln. to Benjamin Dr. and all side streets to the west, Mill Lane and all side streets, West Passage Drive to Locust Avenue, Stonegate Drive, Greylock Drive, and Greystone Terrace area. Kings Grant to Corys Ln. including St. Phil’s

Oct. 7     East Main Road to Middle Road, from Town Hall to Union Street. Including all streets between East Main Rd. to Middle Rd.

Oct. 8     East Main Road from Sherwood Terrace to Vanderbilt Lane, East Main Rd. to the Sakonnet River, Union Street, Jepson Lane, and all side streets.

Oct. 13   East Main Road from Lawrence Farms to Fairview Lane and side streets. Vanderbilt Lane to Sandy Point Avenue and all side streets. 

Oct. 14   East Main Road from Union Street to Mitchell Lane and side streets, Oakland Farms, Bramans Lane east to Meadow Lark Lane. Sandy Point Avenue and Sandy Point Farms.

Oct. 15   Wapping Road to Old Mill Lane.  Bramans Lane and side streets.  Old Mill Lane, Indian Avenue and side streets

Discoloration of the water is expected during and after the flushing.  Flushing in one area may create discolored water in other areas. Customers are advised to avoid washing clothes and those with hot water tanks are advised to avoid drawing hot water during the flushing hours and until any discoloration has cleared.  It is expected that the water will clear by midday after the flushing.  Customers may also experience low water pressure during the flushing.  This schedule is subject to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.