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Rules and Regulations

Check List and General Requirements for Obtaining Water Service – A detailed description on the process of acquiring water service that includes the application, scheduling inspections and meter installations, curb stop and serviceline install, valves needed (e.g. pressure reducing), and meters. Information on cross connections, tampering, and use of district water for cooling is also provided.

Requirements for Small Water Meter Installation – A diagram showing the requirements for small water meter installation with general notes and a meter setting dimension table. (Downloadable PDF Version)

Water Main Extension Policy, Procedures and Requirement – Details on our policy to extend a water main. A procedure for submittal of plans to gain approval as well as administration requirements. Standards on material, design, and construction, along with as-built requirements are included.
(Water Main Extension Application Form)

Fire Flow Test Application – Fire hydrant flow tests determine the flow rate and pressure in any location throughout a water company’s or water authority’s underground water distribution system. Fire hydrants are tested regularly to ensure that they are capable of providing water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate for public health and firefighting operations. See Rates and Charges for the test fee.

District Customers Who Have or Plan to Install a Lawn Irrigation System – Installation of a lawn irrigation system is required to have a backflow assembly installed per Rhode Island General Laws Title 46 Chapter 46-13 Public Drinking Water Protection. The backflow device must be approved by the Portsmouth Water & Fire District prior to installation and inspection.  Contact Mike Hebert, Cross Connection Control Manager, for more information at 401 683-2090 ext.228 or click link above for more details.