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Consumer Notifications


The Portsmouth Water & Fire District continually asks local consumers to keep an eye out for any fire hydrants that may become buried as a result of a snow storm. At times, the snow may blanket many of the District’s 582 plus fire hydrants, making it nearly impossible to locate them quickly in emergency situations. In the event of a fire, precious time is lost when firefighters have to locate and shovel out fire hydrants. Portsmouth water district ask consumers to keep fire hydrants closest to your residence or business clear of snow, with an approximate radius of 3-feet around each hydrant. Consumers should also be extremely careful and aware of vehicle traffic when shoveling snow.

Flushing Project

Dear Resident:

Discoloration of the water is expected during and after the flushing.  Flushing in one area may create discolored water in other areas. Customers are advised to avoid washing clothes and those with hot water tanks are advised to avoid drawing hot water during the flushing hours and until any discoloration has cleared.  It is expected that the water will clear by midday after the flushing.  Customers may also experience low water pressure during the flushing.  This schedule is subject to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. See FLUSHING SCHEDULE webpage for full details.

GPS Project

Dear Resident:

We are in the process of building a high accuracy electronic mapping/database system for the water distribution system. In order to gather critical data, each customer’s curb stop (shut off valve) must be located. To minimize interruption and to maximize efficiency we are using past engineering drawings, a metal detector, and advanced global positioning system hardware. Unfortunately, we may have to do some light digging with hand tools to visually confirm the location of these curb stops as many have become buried over the years. We appreciate your patience while our team of distribution operators, geographical information systems analyst, and intern work to accomplish this project.

This will be an ongoing project.


Portsmouth Water and Fire District