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Lawn Irrigation Systems

Backflow & Cross-Connection Contact Information

Michael Hebert  |  Cross Connection Control Manager  |  401.683.2090 ext.228

  • Installation of a lawn irrigation system is required to have a backflow assembly installed per Rhode Island General Laws Title 46 Chapter 46-13 Public Drinking Water Protection.
  • The backflow device must be approved by the Portsmouth Water & Fire District prior to installation and inspection.
  • For backflow concerns outside of lawn irrigation see Backflow & Cross-Connections where test sheets, a list of approved testers, and information regarding cross-connections are available.

Typical Installation of a Pressure Vacuum Breaker on a Lawn Irrigation System…

The Pressure Vacuum Breaker is designed for areas where back-siphonage could occur and there is continuous operating pressure. Do not install in areas subject to back pressure or with a chemical injection system.

The Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly must be at least (12) inches above the highest outlet/sprinkler head with no draw off/hose bib connection on the inlet side of the assembly and is required to be tested annually.

Note A: All Customers require a Residential Dual Check Valve installed after the water meter. For customers with a lawn irrigation system, a Pressure Vacuum Breaker must be installed.

Note B: All lawn irrigation systems injecting chemicals, are pressurized, or where it does not meet the 12” minimum separation of elevation must install a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Assembly (RPZ).

Note C: Customers with a pool utilizing an Auto Chemical Feed and/or Auto Fill will require the installation of a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Assembly (RPZ) at point of use.

Note D: All Customers (New or Existing) that have a well located on the property for any purpose, even for lawn irrigation, shall require the installation of a Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPZ) and is to be installed immediately after the water meter.